"A fashion statement, the Guru Blazer in felted wool."

So beautiful, so innovative and always creative. Designer Christian Weber prefers to think outside the much-vaunted box for his collections. "I don't have to reinvent the wheel for that. It's enough that I deal intensively with the traditional methods and then transfer them to the modern age.” The result is exciting, high-quality products such as the Felted Wool Guru Blazer; made from the signature material from WEBER+WEBER and an absolute icon of the brand.

Thoroughly enlightened
The Felted Wool Guru Blazer bears its name because it symbolizes the values of WEBER+WEBER. In addition, there is a clean cut and a Japanese style. The obligatory stand-up collar is a must and can be worn individually. Details such as the inside finish or buttons, the three-part sleeves or the subtle branding with just two tone-on-tone cross stitches on the collar ensure the typical WEBER+WEBER look.

Game set victory
100 percent boiled wool and so many possibilities. The natural fiber of the Guru Blazer impresses with its practical properties. Businessmen can breathe easy. For the next trip, simply pack the Felted Wool Blazer in your suitcase, shake it out in the hotel room, and the outfit is ready.

Perfect Christmas present
It's not long until Christmas. Visit WEBER+WEBER in the Sartoria in Vienna and be inspired by the wide range of Vienna's most beautiful slow fashion brand. Make an appointment by phone or visit our website. We are looking forward to your visit.