"Seven is our lucky number."

Strictly limited: the WEBER+WEBER cashmere blazer
Seven pieces, end: The WEBER+WEBER cashmere blazer, which was created in cooperation with BRAUN Hamburg, is strictly limited. Only seven pieces are available in the online store and in the Sartoria Vienna. "In pure, felted cashmere, our WW blazer is a special luxury, not a product for everyone," says Christian Weber.

Made with Pride in Italy
The cashmere blazer from WEBER+WEBER is made in an Italian men's tailor's shop, where the fine cloth is processed according to all the rules of the sartorial art. The typical features of the WW blazer should not be missing from the cashmere model either: from the three-piece sleeves to the meticulous interior finish.

Christmas Treat
The cashmere blazer is the perfect gift for WEBER+WEBER fans: Because it is exactly the same size and fit as the normal WW Travel blazer, it can be ordered blind. If you wish, we can carefully pack the WEBER+WEBER blazer as a gift or send it to any delivery address of your choice. In Vienna, the WEBER+WEBER cashmere blazer can be tried on in the Sartoria, changes are of course possible before Christmas.