All season long: Der Travel Blazer ist bereit für den Herbst

All season long: The Travel Blazer is ready for autumn

"We make clothing, not fashion."

New season, new trends? At WEBER+WEBER, the focus is on consistency. Instead of fast fashion or disposable goods, designer Christian Weber wants to create real favourites. Models that become real wardrobe staples, like the Travel Blazer. It premiered in Milan in 2015 with our first collection and has become our icon.

Eternally beautiful: WW Travel Blazer

The magic word is boiled wool. "We're particularly proud of this in-house development and won't reveal exactly how it works - even if our competitors are very interested in it," says Christian Weber with a smile. Without revealing too much: the basis of the magic is a knitted wool fabric that is treated with hot water. As a result, the fabric shrinks and the compression gives the Travel its super power: With full flexibility, the wool increases its excellent wearing properties such as crease resistance, durability and the fact that it hardly absorbs odors or dirt.

Perfection in the closet

Minimalist Japanese aesthetics perfect the WW Travel Blazer. A stand-up collar gives it the finishing touch. The finest European tailoring can also be easily integrated into everyday life. Whether worn with chinos or matching jogging slacks, as a suit or as a substitute for a jacket on golden autumn days: this wonderful piece of handwork brings joy in many different looks.

Travel Luxe – wie bei WEBER+WEBER Gutes noch besser wird

Travel Luxe – how good things get even better at WEBER+WEBER

"Innovation usually starts when you're stubborn enough not to give up."

You just have to know what you want: after WEBER+WEBER set standards with travel quality, Travel Luxe is the continuation of this journey. A super light jersey quality made from new wool with a particularly fine fabric appearance and a wonderfully soft feel. Which not only looks good, but is also practical in everyday life. Crease-resistant, with a slight amount of stretch, breathable and wearable all year round.

Noble understatement
Travel Luxe is WEBER+WEBER's synonym for understatement. Whether the Travel Luxe WW Blazer with its variable lapels - it can be worn as a stand-up or lapel collar - or the WW Travel Luxe Slacks in chino or jogging form. Classic colors such as navy, grey, dark navy or black are timeless favorites that never go out of style.
Typical WEBER+WEBER elements
“Our icons stay true to their style for a reason: we believe that with classics like the WW Blazer, we create a constant in a well-dressed man's wardrobe. Despite the subtle branding with just the two cross-stitches, a WW blazer can be recognized at first glance,” says Christian Weber. "This is our way: convince with continuity."
Weber+Weber Sartoria

Home is where our heart is: WEBER+WEBER's Sartoria Vienna

Designed in Austria - or rather in the heart of Vienna. WEBER+WEBER has found its home in the 4th district of Vienna. After the early years in Christian Weber's home town of Vorarlberg, the decision was made in 2020 to open the Sartoria Vienna. The Webers' home fits like a glove. A side wing of a historic palace named after Archduke Carl Ludwig and now privately owned. Not recognizable from Favoritenstrasse, a completely different world opens up in the inner courtyard. Surrounded by modern architecture, the gem in the backyard is also completely unknown to many Viennese.

Secret spot in the fourth

On the Favoritenstrasse, only a discreet sign points the way to one of the most successful Austrian fashion brands: With a dealer network of 160 addresses, WEBER+WEBER has become an important Austrian fashion export in the years since it was founded in 2015. Partnerships with well-known houses such as Jelmoli, Lodenfrey or Breuninger underline the importance of the brand "designed in Austria". And the style of the brand also picks up on the heritage of the homeland: After all, WEBER+WEBER's iconic stand-up collar blazer is borrowed from the repertoire of alpine clothing - interpreted in a modern and urban way, mind you.

Made in Europe

Being close to the production facilities – that was the most important reason for Christian and Manuel Weber to move the company headquarters, showroom and studio to Vienna. In a few hours by train in Venice, where WEBER+WEBER's Sartoria pieces are created. That sounds a bit like K&K romanticism, but it's actually reality, after all, geographical proximity is an important decision-making criterion for WEBER+WEBER for partner companies. The entire collection is made in Europe, decisive production steps such as laundries or dye works are in Italy, the fabric producers exclusively in Austria and Italy.

Design to touch

There is another reason why WEBER+WEBER suits Vienna so well: the two founders have managed their slow fashion brand in an inclusive and low-threshold manner right from the start. If you book an appointment for private shopping at Sartoria Wien, you can also enjoy being personally served by Christian Weber. A surprise effect for many who shop here, after all, one hardly expects to be advised by the designer himself. But Christian Weber was never a creative person who felt comfortable in the ivory tower. His inspiration is the conversations with the people who wear and love WEBER+WEBER.

On the ground floor and on the first floor

WEBER+WEBER occupies two floors in the Palais Carl Ludwig: On the ground floor are the offices of the employees, a small studio and warehouse as well as the archive of the brand. The showroom, which is used for both B2B and B2C purposes, is on the first floor under the sloping roof of the Palais. Seasonal meetings are held here when WEBER+WEBER presents its collections to wholesale partners and private shopping appointments are held here all year round. The principle of private shopping was established during the pandemic and proved to be the right one for WEBER+WEBER - after all, slow fashion does not want to be consumed in passing. Instead of passing customers, WEBER+WEBER relies on personal appointments that include intensive advice. No false fear of the unknown - as in any other business, the offer from WEBER+WEBER is non-binding and even those who do not buy anything are always welcome.

Would you like to visit the WEBER+WEBER Sartoria? Make an appointment today – we look forward to your visit.