Timeless Travel

WEBER+WEBER has done a lot of development work together with an Italian fabric manufacturer: The wool knitted fabric, made of 100% merino wool, is subjected to the “boiled wool” or “felted” process, i.e. hot washed and matted in the best Loden tradition.

The fabric is originally knitted and not woven, so the result of this process is a wool fabric that inherits a natural elasticity. This in-house development is the lightest felted fabric on the market and is produced exclusively for WEBER+WEBER.

In the meantime, the fabric is in used for both men’s and women’s articles, from blazers to coats and from dresses to sweaters.

The fabric is almost always constructed with open-edges (raw-edges) and is also unique in its processing. Both sides of fabric are pressed with the help of heavy rollers so that the wool does not fluff.

This also creates a light shine that gives the natural material a necessary “chic. ”The TIMELESS TRAVEL range consists of “easy care” models and fabrics that are ideal for any trip, or for those who like to becomfortable andwell dressed.