The idea for the FELTED range was born through an intense effort to make fabrics durable and long lasting. This coincides with our MANIFESTO, which is dedicated to creative, cultural and ethical commitment.

FELTED WOOL is nothing more and nothing less than just that, felted wool. It comes from a deep-rooted and traditional Loden fabric that is created by the shrinking of wool.

The fabric is made durable using traditional techniques and has a warm and soft texture. Due to the hot washing of the fabric, it shrinks and is made waterproof. Since the Middle Ages, this type of fabric has been handmade by farmers in the Dolomites and Tyrol to process their own wool; and it originally came only in grey, the color of raw sheep’s wool.

Today, we at WEBER+WEBER are modernizing this tradition and producing sophisticated and stylish products. Together with Italian dyeing experts, we have continued to use traditional colors and have created natural, monochrome colors. Thus, the felted wool gets a completely new and exciting look, and becomes a mixture of classic shapes, fashionable elegance and modern sportswear style, while remaining extremely comfortable.

Today, we apply the felting of materials to all fabrics, no matter the fiber. This creates a wide range of styles with long tradition, that are modernized and reinterpreted for a long life today.