Cool Tailoring

WEBER+WEBER “Sartoria” stands for the crafting of garments that last. We like to call this “longlife fashion.” We revive old tailoring techniques that stand for quality and often use them in an atypical way.

We combine elements that all have a long tradition, but “traditionally” don’t belong together. You’ll find tailored denim, washed or overdyed jackets, ties made of felted fabrics, ready-made fabrics with “open edges,” and even use of the backside of fabrics, all in our COOL TAILORING collection.

We invite you to rediscover forgotten techniques, to redesign the office jacket and give the distinguished suit a new coat of paint.

Sartoria means “tailoring,” and the Tailor has always been a meeting place to design a garment according to the customer’s wishes. Come with us to our Sartoria and discover just how tradition and modernity can fit together.