"We make clothing, not fashion."

New season, new trends? At WEBER+WEBER, the focus is on consistency. Instead of fast fashion or disposable goods, designer Christian Weber wants to create real favourites. Models that become real wardrobe staples, like the Travel Blazer. It premiered in Milan in 2015 with our first collection and has become our icon.

Eternally beautiful: WW Travel Blazer

The magic word is boiled wool. "We're particularly proud of this in-house development and won't reveal exactly how it works - even if our competitors are very interested in it," says Christian Weber with a smile. Without revealing too much: the basis of the magic is a knitted wool fabric that is treated with hot water. As a result, the fabric shrinks and the compression gives the Travel its super power: With full flexibility, the wool increases its excellent wearing properties such as crease resistance, durability and the fact that it hardly absorbs odors or dirt.

Perfection in the closet

Minimalist Japanese aesthetics perfect the WW Travel Blazer. A stand-up collar gives it the finishing touch. The finest European tailoring can also be easily integrated into everyday life. Whether worn with chinos or matching jogging slacks, as a suit or as a substitute for a jacket on golden autumn days: this wonderful piece of handwork brings joy in many different looks.

October 11, 2022 — Team Weber+Weber