Heritage meets

Thesis: traditional tailoring made of ancient gestures and precious fabrics

Christian Weber is back – together with his partner Manuel with a project that’s truly a breakthrough. His talent as an experimental designer – trained at the Los Angeles Fashion Art School – blends with the basics of Italian and Viennese tailoring, giving life to a perfect osmosis.

The first project of cutting-edge tailored menswear Weber+Weber: Christian and Manuel, connected in business and in life, create a new garment for the modern cosmopolitan man.

Manuel Weber gives his contribution as a profound connoisseur of matter. Born in Carinthia, and rooted in the land and the flora due to his gardener profession, Manuel Weber is already naturally aligned in the project of purist and raw tailoring. It conveys a subtle and cool glamour, without superstructures. The matter selection and composition is simply part of his world.

Indeed, matter plays a leading role shaping beauty in the Weber+Weber project: The Winter Season calls for Fitted jackets in extra light felted wool, and sharp cut boiled wool jerseys. Stone washed linens, indigo treated checks, Washed suede or vintage summer woolens define the Summer Season. And perfect for hot summer days is the traditional but newly cool tailored waist coat.

Anatomically structured gilets, and shirts in extra light denim are paired with reverse handstitched ties This follows the ancient Viennese technique, made with large and sequential stitches. Bombers in natural leather are waxed, washed, and tied with pleated soft felted wool. The knitted cotton cashmere shirt and turtle neck are finished with wool patches. The knits are all “frosted” in the summer months and have a vintage feel. The heavy cable cardigan, as well as scarfs, are garment washed for a soft cashmere feel. The jeans yoke applied on the traditional pant is always very fitted. Old sartorial techniques and the handmade stitched cross become part of the W+W style. The genre contamination is pervasive, but always distinguished by comfort and absolute contemporaneity.

Weber+Weber is raw sophistication. Raw elegance. Beyond trends. Each item stays with the wearer forever, never losing its charm. The older it grows more beautiful it will become. Each item has a number, detailing its journey, manufacturing details, materials, as an identification card. Completing the Weber+Weber world is a series of male accessories, perfectly in line with the educated, eco-friendly and modern brand vision.

Intellect and heart: On one side, you have structural perfection, the rigor of edge-to-edge seams, and the strict rules of Italian and Viennese tailoring. On the other, you have the liveliness of shaking up the standard use of materials, the combining of opposite archetypes, and the warming up the cool structure of tailored garments, complete with a subtle sensuality that’s outlined by details.